Being bionic came with at least one perk.
Did any guy who tried this live to tell his tale?

We're in a new age of women's empowerment. Women have to stand up against the slew of sexual predators left to wander the streets, free of responsibility, free of repercussion.

Women have other enemies lurking in the dark. They're on the net, and they're wreaking havoc in ways not understood before this time. "Incels" (or involuntary celibates)hate women for not having sex with them and blame those women for their shortcomings.

Derogatory terminology for women is common and misogynists are finding new and, unfortunately, more modern ways to insult women. Have you ever heard of a Twitch thot? Thot isn't some cute way to say "thought." It stands for "that ho over there." Apparently this term originated on the streaming platform Twitch (hence "Twitch thot") to describe female streamers.

Angry little men with no self-respect sure like to be mad at women. This is not one of those "there's two sides to every story" situations. This is madness.